October 8, 2017

The rising star of non married. Consumers and their family life.

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In this short research, we have focused on family life – the research was made among men and women, 16-65 y.o.

Take a look at their interest in having children, how long have they been with their partner.

According to Eurostat, the annual percentage of matrimonials in Bulgaria is only 3.4 to 100. More children are born in couples without marriage and this tendency gets higher along with the decrease of marriages and increase of divorces.

Men are more likely than women to have never been married. And this gender gap has widened since 1960.

Further investigation in this topic shows interesting finding that men want to have children more than women does. Unlike the desire and event of marriage as cited above. This means that men are the one interested in continuing the line, no matter with or without marriage.


Ladies first…

Question: Do you want to have children?
Audience: Women, 16-65 y. o., who have no kids

Question: Do you want to have children?
Audience: Men, 16-65 y. o., who have no kids

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