Aiming to unlock the value of data at every stage, Dialogical offers next level data science marketing solutions. Our work focuses on precise data federation, cleansing and validation, aiming to creatively combine existing knowledge with business realities.

We provide full scale business analyses, generation, implementation and validation for Next Best Offer formulation, Customer Lifetime Value optimization, Churn prediction, Value and Behavioral segmentation, topped up by Attitudinal segmentation, which we believe offers us the clearest 360 any business could ask for.

Our services cover areas such as Marketing effectiveness and Customer satisfaction measurement, Factor analysis, Customer segmentation, Product profitability, Churn prediction, Time series forecasting and many more in the field of analysis and statistics.


We believe that big data analysis in Marketing should be an easily accessible, inexpensive and uncomplicated process.

This is why we develop software tools that provide everyone in an organization with access to data science modeling outcomes.
Our products and services are designed specifically for Telco, Finance and Public Transportation domains.

They allow quick and easy access to harvesting the best big data has to offer.
We are interested in projects that allow us to unveil the full potential of our data driven marketing services. Our efforts focus on 2 main areas:

Data driven marketing services
Data driven marketing products

THEOREMUS portfolio optimizes the process of analysis and distribution of data modeling results

for audience profiling

for public transportation