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About us

We are interested in projects that allow us to unveil the full potential of our analytical marketing services. Our expertise is in end-to-end data driven projects in Telco, Finance, FMCG.

Our mission is to drive results by revealing actionable insights.

Our diverse team consist of professionals in the fields of:

Data science


Software R&D and Delivery

Business development


We follow a strict methodology developed in the field, including the following stages:

Comprehensive Data Federation and Data Management

Advanced Customer Analytics

Customer Anatomy Navigation

Data Driven Execution

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Data science

We unlock the value of data at every stage.

Our work is based on precise data federation, cleansing and validation. By creatively combining existing knowledge with business realities, we offer next level data science solutions.

We provide full scale business analyses, generation, implementation and validation for Next Best Offer formulation, Customer Lifetime Value optimization, Churn prediction.

Value and Behavioral segmentation, topped up by Attitudinal segmentation give us the clearest 360 any business could ask for.

Our services cover  areas such as Marketing effectiveness and Customer satisfaction measurement, Factor analysis, Customer segmentation, Product profitability, Churn prediction, Time series forecasting and many more in the field of analysis and statistics.


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Audience research

Discover hidden patterns in consumer behavior.

Theoremus is our in-house built platform for sophisticated audience research. It utilizes data from across multiple data sources to data drive your product and marketing strategies.

Our platform provides next generation audience specific analytics combining active and passive data collection.

We collaborate with market leading, online research partners to provide best possible data quality.


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Communicate to an audience of one.

We believe in real time, 1:1 marketing. As a presentation layer to our data driven solutions we utilize numerous instruments. Among them a special place takes Hybris Marketing, the most powerful and full scale platform for analytical marketing creation and orchestration.

Our team consists of experienced professionals trained to work with the leading marketing automation platforms. We operate through predictive scoring, real time,personalized, scalable platforms.