We ensure the quality of the process from start till end by adhering strictly to our methodology:

Business Analyses and IT infrastructure
Development of data aggregation and unification standards
Preparation of data collection map
Assessment of data quality and development of control mechanisms
Assessment of data systems, specifications and requirements
Data-Mart construction
Advanced Customer
Customer segmentation – Behavior, Value, Attitude
Integration of segmentation schemes
Propensity models – Propensity to Up-sell, X-sell by product,
or product line
Churn prediction model
Customer life-time value calculation
Next Best Offer
Complete CRM
Segmentation-based customer life cycle modeling
Segmentation-based transformation strategy
Customer life-time value optimization
Next Best Communication
Digital footprints extraction
Definition of customer behavior patterns
360° view of people in the ecosystem across all channels
Target groups optimization leveraging predictive analytics
Real-time predictive analytics
Intelligent orchestration of marketing campaigns based on channel
Personalization and dynamic campaign flow design