THEOREMUS for Telco and THEOREMUS for Retail Banking are software tools that allow you to do 2 things:

run data models using structured
client-owned data 
compare outcome results in a feature-
packed, intuitive dashboard

THEOREMUS for Telco and Retail Banking unlocks the power of data to marketing and sales teams, enabling quick and easy access to data science outcomes for augmented marketing decisions and data driven campaigns. Once all the data is imported and analyzed, the platform is used to: discover hidden patterns in consumer behavior that could lead to transformation strategies segment consumers in different groups to find out Top Churners, Top Potential Buyers, Top VIPs you must retain inform product and marketing decisions basing Next Best Action directly on deep dive insight into consumer data.

Every product is developed to meet dynamic business needs.

Add new models that data science team needs to produce best possible outcomes of data analyses.
Or upgrade your existing models using our competent expertise and plug them into the system.
Ready to connect
Plug-in THEOREMUS for Audience Profiling to augment customer insights
Dock with various omni-channel platforms, such as Hybris Marketing.
Fast wins
Business analyses define desired results. Based on this we select which models to run first, gathering respective data with high priority.
In this way the business has the most important for them results without waiting for the entire data federation process to be completed.

Here are some of the main features the product offers:

Display aggregated data modeling results in one intuitive dashboard
Monitor probability to buy additional services/products
Convert client base into segments
Calculate customer current and total lifetime values
Monitor probability for each segment to churn (from company or a certain product)
Generates data-powered leads for Next best offer, action, communication per customer / segment
Update results when needed
Discover patterns in data and store your findings. Share your discoveries or use them to inform marketing decisions and brief other departments.
Add new data at any time.
Download data and distribute it to marketing ops, front office representatives, call center.
Models are built in running with your specific products and services.
View results from separate models.