Dialogical on BTV: Data analytics
and what comes next

Hear what our Marketing technology leader Emanouela said about customer’s profiling and recent restrictions in data collecting on one of the most watched morning TV shows.

THEOREMUS for Audience Profiling
at Research&Results, Munich

Our audience research platform was introduced to experts from around the world at this year`s edition of the leading international trade show for market research. We are quite happy with their feedback: unanimously they believe the tool is a valuable essential of every martech stack.

Data Driven marketing seminar at Software University

Software University, whose aim is to introduce innovations to young people in Bulgaria, invited our DDM Leader Emanouela Chahinian to start a course about Data Driven Marketing. The first lecture was quite an interesting and educational event, the audience shared afterwards that they learned many new things and are now inspired to pursue careers in the field of Data Science, Marketing Operations and Business Analyses.

Dialogical on DDM at Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV invited us to share thoughts about the current state of Data driven Marketing in Bulgaria and present THEOREMUS for Audience Profiling.


Regarded by many as Bulgaria’s foremost media, Capital has trusted THEOREMUS for Audience Profiling as a data source for market research and audience insights.

chocolate or sweets

Considered Bulgaria`s most trustworthy retail business magazine, Regal is followed by top managers from all over the country. This month`s issue features an article by our team. We focused on the consumer habits of Millennials and thanks to THEOREMUS data modelling revealed some interesting patterns marketers could have easily missed. This is how we know it is distinctive for this target audience to never buy sweets, so do not waste your marketing efforts on such campaigns.